MonsterMaker Website Analytics

MonsterMaker provide the best in analysing websites, making sure you fully understand how your site is performing on the Internet. Our years of experience of online services, web design and search engine optimisation make us the best choice to improve your search engine position and convert visitors to sales.
MonsterMaker can even tell you about your competitor's site. Look at our analyses below and see how informed YOU can be.

Summary Analysis

How much are you paying for your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)? Is it worth it? Should you be spending some of your money in other marketing areas?

As an introductory offer, we are offering a FREE Summary Analysis of your website. This short analysis will tell you how you are performing on the major search engines and how your site is performing generally on the Internet. This will give you an idea as to how well your current SEO is working.

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Functionality Analysis

Want to know more about your site's performance? Ready for a more technical approach? Want to see facts and figures that show how well or not your site is doing? All this from an independent organisation that will give you an honest and non biased opinion of your website.

Our Functionality Analysis can really tell you how your SEO is performing, but also how other factors are affecting your website. Find out the good & the bad and how to put it right.

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Complete Analysis

Serious about your online marketing? Need to know more than just how your site is performing on the Internet? Want to know how well that Google Ad campaign is doing or what percentage of your visitors are new or returning customers? Then this is the analysis for you.

The Complete Analysis will tell you in details, how your site is performing, looking to customer, used, navigated and just about everything else you need to know. Our Functionality Analysis will empower you to take the marketing of your online presence into the future.

Find out more or contact us now and find out how well or not your site is doing.

Competitor Analysis

How does your competitor get a higher search engine listing than you? How is their site performing for them? How are they driving business to their site? MonsterMaker can tell you this and much more. Our Competitor Analysis will tell you how their site ranks on the Internet, how well it's designed, what rankings they get on the worldwide search engines and much more.

Find out more or contact us now and find out how well or not their site is doing compared to yours.

SEO and E-Marketing

So you know how your site is doing, but you want to improve your traffic, but more importantly your sales. Traffic to you site means more potential customers and more customers means more sales and in turn more profit. Everyone if raving about SEO, but SEO is simply not enough to get your sales moving. E-Marketing is much more than just SEO, it is a complete plan of action that includes SEO, online advertising campaigns, social networking, and old fashioned advertising.

So, if you want the experts, that can tell you how your site is performing, to also take on the task of making it perform better

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